The filmmakers recently did their first television interview discussing The Way We Get By. See the complete interview online soon!


Film Director Aron Gaudet speaks with The Bangor Daily News about their plans for The Way We Get By.

Read Producer Gita Pullapilly's interview from The South Bend Tribune in which she discusses the future of Dungby Productions as well as The Way We Get By.

Read Film Director Dan Ferrigan's interview by the local Maine media on how the filmmakers discovered the story behind The Way We Get By.
Dan Ferrigan's Interview

Read the article on The Way We Get By in U.S. News and World Report and hear what President Clinton's camp is saying about his involvement with the film.
U.S. News and World Report

Q&A with Film Director Aron Gaudet - Bangor's New England School of Communications interviews Aron about his work with Dungby Productions and their feature length documentary The Way We Get By.


Film Director Aron Gaudet recently did the first radio interview discussing the production of The Way We Get By and how they discovered The Maine Troop Greeters. Listen to the entire interview online soon!