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List of Must-Watch Movies for Students in 2020

Sometimes everything you need to keep moving is a dose of inspiration when you start believing again that everything is possible, and you can cope with it. Even though people say that student years are one of the most amazing periods in every person's life, many students get depressed and start thinking about giving up their studies. It is not surprising since they can be bombarded with numerous assignments and face injustices here and there, so their inner resources weaken with every week. Of course, they can order essay writing when necessary or ask for help, but when you are emotionally exhausted, such things don't help much. You need a much stronger remedy, something that will inspire you and charge with positive vibes to keep up with the curriculum. It is when movies come to the rescue and become your safety ring. What films are worth watching?

Good Will Hunting, 1997

A campus math professor discovers that a simple janitor, Will Hunting, solved a complicated task he left on the blackboard for his students. The guy has problems with self-esteem, ambitions, and self-control, but he is a gifted man who doesn't need to ask anyone, "Please do my homework online or bring it to me the next day to the campus." Have you ever found yourself in such a situation when apathetic inaction controls your life?

The Miracle Season, 2018

The school volleyball team leader, a cheerful girl Caroline, dies at the very beginning of the sports season, and the players are left without a captain and inspirer. All ambitious plans for the year are forgotten, the girls are in mourning, and it seems that nothing can breathe life into the team. But it suddenly turns out that a real start has grown up in the shadow of the passed away superstar. She should just work on her self-esteem and show what she is capable of.

Mona Lisa Smile, 2003

If you are a girl who has even the slightest doubt whether you will fit into any "male" sphere of life, you should watch this movie. It is about how a young teacher with a progressive outlook inspired female students to change their views on women's role in society. The patriarchal prejudice of the leadership only encouraged her to fight against stereotypes. Thus, if you need rest and want to get an additional day off, you can pay to do homework and not be ashamed of it.

The Theory of Everything, 2004

Even a serious illness is no excuse for laziness. Moreover, mental work is great medicine. This biopic tells the story of the outstanding British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who remained passionate about what he loved to do despite the paralysis caused by amyotrophic sclerosis. Moreover, he retained a cheerful disposition, allowing him to treat his position with irony. Fascinated by physics's secrets and humorous about life, the scientist lived to a ripe old age - although usually, the disease kills in a few years. The main thing is to see meaning in life and never give up.

An Education, 2008

Love is also not a reason to quit studying. First, you need to think about your happiness and independence. A truly loving person will not force you to sacrifice education but will support your aspirations. The film shows that passion can cool down, and you may face a harsh reality in which you are a loser. A person can be a hostage to circumstances only of their own free will. If you have a goal and desire, you can do anything.