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APRIL 2, 2006

South Bend Native Now Travels The Globe

SOUTH BEND, IN - Born and raised in South Bend, Gita Pullapilly graduated from Adams High School, and then earned degrees at the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University. A former TV reporter, Pullapilly, 28, now travels the world making documentary films for Chicago-based Dungby Productions, Inc. She recently visited family in South Bend and talked with staff writer Margaret Fosmoe about her work.

What prompted you to found a documentary film company? “We all were in television before this. I was a television reporter, Aron (Gaudet) was a promotions producer and our other partner (Dan Ferrigan) was a chief photojournalist.”

The company’s mission: “The essence of our work is human interest and the compassion behind it. Every story we’ve chosen has a good side to it, but also the heart-wrenching, aching pain and the challenge of getting through some obstacle.”

Biggest current project: “The Human Toll” is a profile of American troops and troop greeters in the small city of Bangor, Maine. With about 70% of overseas troops routed through the Bangor airport, a group of old veterans and elderly women meets every troop flight as it departs or arrives.

Other projects: “Diary of A Refugee,” about Palestinians living in refugee camps in Jordan, “To Serve and Protect,” about a Spring Lake, Mich., church pastor who also works as a police officer, “The Elephant Bath,” about a trainer and his elephant in Kerala, India, and “The Women of Barda,” about Bedouin women in the desert of Jordan.

Where does the money come from to make the films? Grants and investors. Pullapilly received a Fulbright scholarship to help finance a film in Jordan.

Where can people see her films? The partners are working to have their films introduced at major film festivals, with hopes of commercial distribution in theaters across the United States.

What draws her to documentaries? “The storytelling behind it. It was an opportunity to tell long form stories and give it the justice that is needed.”

For more information: See www.dungbyproductions.com